Customer Manager


Customer Manager for Workgroup  v.3.9

Powerful, easy to operate software system for storing and managing customer records, service locations and service history with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network.

QuickBooks Customer Manager  v.3.0

QuickBooks Customer Manager is an easy way to give your customers great service to keep them coming back. It puts all the information you need at your fingertips, and synchronizes information between your key applications.


SFM Customer Manager  v.5.4

A management tool for small businesses, SFM Customer Manager provides visibility into company operations and customer relationships. It has two main components:

Customer Manager Buddy

Manage customers and leads to increase sales and profits. It a complete system that is the application to track customer information such as contacts and customer notes. - By: Customer Management

CustomerManager  v.

Yet Another CUstomer ManagEr -

Revolver Mail Pro 2005 Beta  v.7

Revolver Mail Pro - The Customer ManagerRevolver Mail Pro combines four organizational elements: an email client, a calendar, a customer manager and a project planner within a single interface.

Revolver Office 2005 Beta  v.7

Revolver Office: Masters commercial transactionsRevolver Office combines five organizational and commercial elements within a single interface: an email client, a calendar, a customer manager, a project planner and an order processing.

Revolver Office Pro 2005 Beta  v.7

Revolver Office Pro: Design mode and moreRevolver Office Pro combines six organizational, commercial and sectoral functions within a single interface: an email client, a calendar, a customer manager, a project planner, an order processing and a desig

FieldIT Manager Database  v.

FieldIT Manager Database is a handy tool that was designed in order to help you manage all your customer records from a single interface.

Customer Support Organizer Pro  v.3.1

Customer Support Organizer Pro: simple database management system that helps you to organize, track, and manage your customer support activities.

Car Sales Organizer Deluxe

Car Sales Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software for car dealers, car salespeople. Software helps car dealers to organize, catalog, and manage all car and customer related information. You can quickly access to your auto customer details, easily keep

CustomerHunt 2009 15% discount version

If you seek complete and inexpesive customer management software for your small business, then CustomerHunt is for you! It enables you to track sale from the moment a lead hits your selling pipeline and through all sales stages. The powerful

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